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“Friendship first, competition second”: Cultural Diplomacy in Action

Part 1: A Warm Welcome to Ping-Pong Diplomacy from Founder and President, Sophie.
Part 2: Learn more about Yorba Linda’s historical significance and connection to Sophie’s family’s immigration journey.
Part 3: Join us in advancing grassroots diplomacy and creating a stronger community together.

Ping-Pong Diplomacy aims to promote mutual respect, open dialogues, and positive engagement. We strongly believe in seeking common ground, while respecting differences. Our events demonstrate that different cultures, nations, peoples, and ideologies can peacefully co-exist and compete despite their differences. As Sino-US relations intensifies, the legacy and spirit of Ping-Pong Diplomacy remains significant, now more than ever.

Ping-Pong Diplomacy is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of California.

《The Same Song》
Performed by Dora Cai, Colin Zhang, Ella Li, Sophie Zhang, Prince Wang, Chloe Zhuo, Eric Zhu, Zimo Zhu.

Today, we are all Ukrainians.
We share the same humanity, and we sing the same song.
“Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences.”
― Mikhail S. Gorbachev

Stop war, begin talks, embrace peace!

—— Message approved by Ping Pong Diplomacy, a non-profit organization in Yorba Linda, California

Immerse yourself in our recent events by taking a quick tour of event highlights!

March Events

Event: Forum in Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Nixon’s Visit to China
Date: March 22, 2022, at 7 p.m. PDT
Location: Remote // Zoom (Meeting details provided to attendees who register up in advance)
Details: This forum discusses President Nixon’s historic visit to China 50 years ago and its significance and impact and explores what we can do today to further promote US-China friendship and cooperation.
**UPDATE**: Check out the full webinar recording below or click here to watch it on YouTube

Event: Community Corner Diplomacy – Supporting our Ukrainian friends and community members
Date: March 4, 2022
Location: Yorba Linda, California
Details: Together with Ping-Pong Diplomacy members and community group members, our organization is supporting our Ukranian friends by standing in solidarity. We will bring flowers, play the violin [“The Same Song”], and having a fireside vigil at the home of a local Ukrainian family. Event open to all

February Events

Event: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Week That Changed the World
Date: February 24
Location: Richard Nixon Presidential Library, Yorba Linda, California
Details: Over 300 leaders of the Southern California Chinese-American community are gathered at the Nixon Library to mark the 50th Anniversary of the President Nixon’s historic visit to the People’s Republic to China. Throughout 2022, the Nixon Foundation will commemorate the 50th anniversary of one of the boldest geopolitical happenings of the 20th century by serving as a convening authority for open, honest, and candid conversation to understand how and why President Nixon’s trip to the PRC was central to his visionary foreign policy. The Nixon Foundation plans to convene forums that engage policymakers in the United States with pragmatic ideas to guide the relationship today.

Event: Commemoration of President Nixon’s Trip to China – 50-year Anniversary Gala
Date: February 26
Location: Whittier Museum, California
Details: On February 26th, the Whittier Museum will be hosting a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of President’s visit to China. This is a free and public event for anyone to attend. The ceremony will be held in the Whittier Museum parking pavilion, beginning at 2pm. The Master of Ceremonies will be Chin Ho Liao, Mayor of San Gabriel. Several Congressional representatives (including the first Chinese-American woman elected to Congress, Congresswoman Judy Chu), Yorba Linda City Mayor and the Chinese Consulate will be invited to deliver remarks.

The event is co-organized by Whittier Historical Society & Museum, Ping-pong Diplomacy and Nixon’s Friends. Ping-pong Diplomacy will be responsible for fund raising, organizing performance and rendering volunteer services. Its founder Sophie Zhang will share testimony on Nixon’s spiritual legacy and it’s positive impact on her family immigration journey. If you are interested in providing volunteer services or supporting the event, please contact us.

Recent Events

December 2021 – January 2022
Happy holidays from the entire Ping-Pong Diplomacy family! As families and communities gather for the holidays, we extend our warmest wishes for the New Year. Due to the high rates of transmission of the Omicron variant in Southern California, we will postpone in-person events until Spring 2022. Our events will hopefully resume in February 2022.


Event: Holiday Fundraiser Supporting Autism Awareness
Date: November 13, 4-7 PM
Sponsored by the Franklin Foundation, co-sponsored by Ping-Pong Diplomacy, YTX Oriental Culture Investment Group USA, Xinli International Education, Ugrow Education Irvine Art Center
Location: City of Industry, California
Details: The holiday season is a time for us to surround ourselves with loved ones, count our blessings, and support the less fortunate. Please share your love with the Franklin foundation as we host our Holiday fundraiser, an event filled with performances and an art work auction. All donation and proceeds will go towards a documentary film showcasing the daily lives of Autism Disorder Spectrum Children and their families. Ping-Pong Diplomacy is proud to be a a $1000 donor for the event.

Support the Franklin Foundation as a Donor

Event: ‘Giving Thanks’ Fireside Chat with Yorba Linda community members
Date: November 24
Location: Yorba Linda, California
Details: To be Announced

Sign-up on our events page


Event: International Webinar: A Public Speaking Journey to Ping-Pong Diplomacy
Date: October 17 (Sunday)
Co-hosted by Intercultural Communication Course of English Department, Ginling College of Nanjing Normal University
Location: Zoom
Details: Sophie speaks with 85 students of Ginling College and the larger Nanjing Normal University community about her journey as a youth advocate for inclusive public speaking and cultural exchange through her organizations, Yorba Linda Youth Speakers and Ping-Pong Diplomacy. As an invited guest speaker, Sophie aims to inspire students from Ginling’s Intercultural Communication course to pursue their own passion projects and facilitate Sino-U.S. people-to-people dialogue and exchange.

Event: Webinar: How can a ToastMasters International Experience Boost Confidence and Transform Your life? 
Date: October 21 (Thursday)
Co-hosted by ToastMasters International Regional Branch Yorba Linda
Location: Zoom
Details: Sophie shares her ToastMasters experience and how it encouraged her to chase her passions by founding organizations that allowed her to share her experiences in public speaking with other young people and community members.

Event: Youth & Beyond Autumn Charity Music Festival
Date: October 23 (Saturday)
Co-organized with Youth & Beyond
Location: 6pm to 8pm at 441 S Fairmont Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92808
Details: Ping-Pong Diplomacy founder, Sophie Zhang co-hosted and MC’ed the Charity concert, featuring Chinese traditional instrument performances including Pipa, Erhu and and Hulusi. Performances were all been prepared by high school volunteers and feature all student bands (keyboard, guitar, drum, bass, violin and a vocalist)
For a detailed program schedule, please see our events page.

Previous Event Highlights

Ping-Pong Diplomacy and 85 students of Ginling College Intercultural Communication students host an international webinar discussing Youth Dialogue and Public Speaking as a vehicle for supporting community-led initiatives.

Sophie, Norah, and high school volunteers sing the American National Anthem (The Star-Spangled Banner).